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Team USA Dominates Nigeria, Sets World Records

Team USA’s dominant basketball talents were out in full force today, as the Americans rolled over Nigeria by a whopping score of 156-73.

In doing so, the US basketball squad broke several records and established a new benchmark that will be very tough to match for opposing teams.  The following records were set by today’s triumph over Nigeria:

  • Most points scored:  156
  • Margin of victory:  83
  • 3-Pointers:  29 (previous record was 13)
  • FG percentage:  71.1
  • 3-pt FGA:  46
Carmelo Anthony was on fire for Team USA
Carmelo Anthony was on fire for Team USA

As if the margin of victory weren’t enough, ball-hog extraordinaire, Carmelo Anthony, managed to drop  37 points, setting a new record for an individual olympics performance.  Carmelo, who was 10 of 12 from downtown, put on display the shooting capacity of an American team known for its love of the jump-shot.  What has often been criticized as their potential downfall became their biggest strength today, and when you have that many superstars on fire on the same night, an 83 point victory seems like a merciful result.

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