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SM Photo of the Day: Chris Paul Running The Floor

Starting today, I’m going to start posting my preferred Sports Social Media Photo of the Day as a way to stay committed to at least sharing one item that caught my eye in the sports social media landscape.

Having grown up playing point guard, it’s only natural that this Clippers’ posted photo of Chris Paul at training camp caught my eye.

The angle of this shot is unique in that we don’t often get bird’s eye angles of players in action, and when we do, they’re often not great.

This image, however, captures the freedom and control that comes with running the floor as a point guard. No one else in sight, it’s the subject at hand’s role to move the ball up-court, in control, while keeping an eye on the players ahead.

In this shot we see potential. In this shot, what we don’t see augments the value of what is visible. In this shot, I can relate and I am immediately transported to the multitude of games that I played as a kid.

Even the practice uniforms adds intrinsic value because it’s not an official game. It’s a setting and a situation we could all find ourselves in if we continue to play the game we love. No matter how long I spend away from the court, when I pick up that ball, I’m back in this exact mindset and feeling.

I need a framed copy of this. Count it!

Chris Paul - LA Clippers - Training Camp
Chris Paul – Running The Floor
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