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Rise Above, the Jumpman Call to Action

The Jordan brand has historically carried the weight of Michael Jordan’s legacy on its shoulders. If we were to look at the various commercials Michael Jordan has been a part of, it would be easy to see that they carry an inherent message of transcendance.

Building on that legacy, the Jordan brand has recently put out the #riseabove campaign, where real-life stories are tied into a message of overcoming different obstacles, whether they be physical, geographical, economical or societal.

The message, when viewing these mini-documentaries, is as easy to grasp as the hash-tag that accompanies them:  rise above.

Depending on who you are, your upbringing, and your physical location, one ore more of these mini-docs will touch the depths of your basketball heart, and hopefully will also inspire you to continue and break on through whatever challenges you may be facing in life.

Rise Above Isolation

Rise Above Limitations

Rise Above Conditions

Rise Above Expectations

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