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Phil Jackson Joins Twitter, Sets it Ablaze With Typo

The sports social media landscape is usually heavily active on Twitter, especially NBA Twitter.  Yesterday, legendary coach Phil Jackson made his Twitter debut by posting one single tweet, intentionally full of typos.  Within hours, his Twitter account was verified and his follower count was in the tens of thousands.

The deliberate vagueness of the tweet, especially considering that Phil Jackson is a well-read individual, set off NBA Twitter on a retweeting rampage because 1) Phil joined Twitter 2) the typo caused intrigue 3) writers/bloggers/NBA lovers can’t help themselves when anything NBA related grants them an avenue for jokes/wit.

Also, the Lakers social media presence is backed by an army of passionate brand advocates combined with L.A. sports media outlets that also rely on the Lakers brand for consumption of their product; 710 ESPN spent a good half-hour talking about Phil’s mere presence on Twitter (probably longer as the day went on).

Today, Phil’s Twitter account capitalized on the buzz it created with what’s probably the most successful typo ever by posting the following video:

We wouldn’t have expected any less from the Zen master who’s long been known to play mind games with his players as a way of guiding them into the necessities of his system.  In this case, however, the intent was to generate buzz not just for Phil’s presence, but rather as a way of highlighting his new book “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success.”

Well played, #zenmaster.

Phil Jackson Joins Twitter

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