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NBA Roundup – October 30, 2013

The second day of NBA action was straight-up AMPM too much good stuff.

With a league that understands the value of social media, fan engagement, the importance of on-the-screen product, and a rabid fan base devouring every morsel of content, this is bound to be one of the best seasons ever.

Here’s the NBA roundup of notable story lines, final scores, highlight videos and some personal commentary on yesterday’s events.

TNT – What if?

As if we needed any more reason to get amped up for the season, TNT delivered again with a promo that captures how most of us NBA nerds feel about the sport we love. THIS is how a lot of us see the sport: a realm of possibilities, subplots, and story lines that will play out over the course of 82 games, but that ultimately carry a history beyond this season.

Allen Iverson Retires

One of my childhood heroes, affectionally know as The Answer to me and to many others, retired as 76er yesterday. To say that he inspired me would be an understatement. As a kid playing ball on the mean streets of a middle-class neighborhood, Allen Iverson provided me with invaluable tools and insights as to how to break someone’s ankles.

I practiced his ridiculous spin-behind-the-back dribble cross-overs thousands of times and never successfully pulled it off once in a game. It didn’t matter. It made me feel special just trying to do it.

LeBron James recently called him the best pound-for-pound basketball player – and given his small stature and the size of his impact, it’s hard to find many rivals in from that perspective.

I’ll always have mad love for Allen Iverson and what he contributed to the NBA. He may never be a diligence role model, and he did crossover my forever idol (Michael Jordan), but in the end, he’s become part of the NBA lineage which helped evolve the game.

Big ups, AI.

Pierre the Pelican

When New Orleans revealed to the world at large that they would be renaming their franchise to the “Pelicans,” we all took our shots at them. Little did we know that they had something even worse up their sleeve—this guy:

Pierre the Pelican, the New Orleans mascot, is a creepy hybrid of deranged clown and mutant chicken. I’m convinced New Orleans got their inspiration from Breaking Bad’s Pollos Hermanos logo and/or the angry chicken from Family Guy.

NBA Twitter being NBA Twitter took it upon themselves to make a meme out of this poor mascot.

If you want to get an additional look at notable submissions, be sure to check out Matt Moore’s Twitter feed.

In all fairness, when you look beyond a vacuum, there are some other ridiculous mascots out there that deserve to be replaced, so we probably shouldn’t judge too harshly lest you have kids (if you do, by all means, do anything to ensure their safety by keeping them away from this nightmare-inducing chicken).

NBA Social Media Graphic of the Day

As the NBA continues its love affair with social media, every team is finally taking notice that a well executed social media strategy can have a tremendous impact amongst your fan base and beyond.

Last year, the Lakers were the class of social media when it came to visual assets. This year, the Houston Rockets are stepping up their game. They released this visually rich graphic after Houston’s victory over the Bobcats.

Houston Rockets - Social Media Graphic

Not only does the image give you a summary of the game alongside a great Dwight Howard photo, it also includes a tweet of the night and the next Rockets opponent, thereby creating an easily sharable piece of content.

Can’t wait to see teams go head-to-head in this department as the season rolls along.

Count it! Performance Of The Day

Yup – the team we all were counting on to lead the Tanking-For-Wiggins vanguard did this last night to LeBron’s team:

Sixers defeat Heat

Michael Carter Williams led the charge with an incredible debut:  22 points, 12 assists, nine steals, seven rebounds.

Top 10 Plays – October 30th

Andrew Bynum makes his return, Kevin Love tied a game with seconds left in regulation, and Jason Thompson put the icing on the cake with a ridiculous putback dunk in October 30th’s Top 10. Visit for more highlights.

Final Scores (via

You can find additional game information, video highlights for each team and notes over at

Wednesday, October 30
Cleveland 98, Brooklyn 94 Thompson 18 Pts Lopez 21 Pts 20,562
Philadelphia 114, Miami 110 Turner 26 Pts James 25 Pts 19,523
Toronto 93, Boston 87 Gay 19 Pts Green 25 Pts 20,155
Detroit 113, Washington 102 Monroe 24 Pts Ariza 28 Pts 18,891
New York 90, Milwaukee 83 Anthony 19 Pts Neal 16 Pts 19,812
Houston 96, Charlotte 83 Harden 21 Pts McRoberts 15 Pts 18,083
Minnesota 120, Orlando 115 (OT) Love 31 Pts Afflalo 28 Pts 17,988
Indiana 95, New Orleans 90 George 32 Pts Gordon 25 Pts 17,803
Dallas 118, Atlanta 109 Ellis 32 Pts Teague 24 Pts 19,834
San Antonio 101, Memphis 94 Leonard 14 Pts
Diaw 14 Pts
Allen 15 Pts 18,581
Oklahoma City 101, Utah 98 Durant 42 Pts Burks 24 Pts 19,911
Phoenix 104, Portland 91 Dragic 26 Pts Lillard 32 Pts 17,208
Sacramento 90, Denver 88 Cousins 30 Pts Lawson 20 Pts 17,317
Golden State 125, LA Lakers 94 Thompson 38 Pts Henry 14 Pts
Meeks 14 Pts

Predictions for tonight (10/31)

Bulls over the Knicks – Derrick Rose’s long awaited homecoming and the opportunity to bounce back from an underwhelming performance as a team on opening day will lead the Bulls past the Knicks.

Clippers over Warriors – Like the Bulls, the Clippers disappointed on opening day. Unlike the Bulls, the Clippers did not play the defending champion—instead they fell to a highly depleted Lakers team with some of the worst defense on display by a Doc Rivers coached team. While the Warriors are deadly from the 3 – a large reason as to why the Lakers beat the Clippers – I expect Chris Paul and Doc Rivers to hold everyone accountable in a way that will give us the Clippers we’ve all been expecting.

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