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The Fountain of Youth, NBA Style

What if a particular type of excellence could be captured and preserved for generations to come?  THIS is where the best are remembered.  In the prime of their lives.  At the height of their powers, shoulder to shoulder with those who define an era.

The triumphant and condensed return of the 2012 NBA season brought with it not just great back-to-back games almost every night of the week, it also gave us some of the best basketball commercials/intros that I can remember watching.

One of the most memorable, was an Idris Elba narrated special which took me forever to find (seriously, who is Idris Elba—besides an incredible voice for narrating with an ridiculously difficult name to remember?).

Juxtaposing great narrative about the fountain of youth alongside highlights of the NBA and many of its historical figures during regular season play, as well as during past all-star games, this commercial creates an inspiring fusion of story and visual imagery which is accentuated by the apropos voice of Idris Elba.

And it’s not just the players or the plays which makes this a great promo.  The fact that the creators opted to include the sounds of the fans and great commentators calling the plays in real-time, such as the great Ralph Lawler, only adds to the reasons why I wanted to make sure I bookmarked this video in my humble blog.

Heck, even the music was perfectly selected to augment the crescendo of incredible plays in a way that sends tingling down our spines.

As the 2012-13 NBA season approaches, I hope to be able to keep better track of inspiring and successful ads.  Luckily the NBA and the brands surrounding it have always delivered on that front.

Yet, the fascination still remains.


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