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Clippers vs. Warriors: Video Highlights

The Clippers rolled to another preseason win on Monday night against the Golden State Warriors by dunking their way to an 88-71 victory.

Since I was unable to watch the game, I can’t provide much commentary, save that there were a lot of throw-downs in and the Clippers are once again on their way to producing another exciting season of basketball.

Based off what we see in this video, the Clips are gel’ing and getting everyone involved in the offensive production—credit Chris Paul’s genius and his unselfishness which has proved to be a model of positive development for everyone around him.

Deandre Jordan having another double-double is a great sign that his off-season training continues to pay off.  It even looks like he’s dunking with more confidence—still the same level of authority on throw-downs, but with a much better grip on the ball.  DJ was inconsistent in offensive production last year, but if he can continue to play at this level of output, the rest of the Clippers roster should reap the benefits as the floor opens up even more.

It also looks like Blake Griffin pulled out one of MJ‘s old tricks by ball-pumping.  He did it so effectively that he surprised even himself.  It was like watching a toddler or puppy becoming self-aware.  After realizing the power of trickery, Griffin proceeded to do what he does best:  throw one down.  Even in replay mode this felt electrifying.

Last but not least, it was soothing to hear an “Oh me, oh my” from the outstanding Ralph Lawler. I’ve missed his commentary that glows with the appreciation that can only come from decades of watching his team struggle.

The Clippers will face the cross-town rival Lakers next:  definite must-watch action, even if it is preseason as the Lakers will be sporting their new, shiny lineup featuring Dwight Howard.

LA Clippers 88, GSW 71

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