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Mark Cuban Schools Skip Bayless

ESPN’s most pompous and leading talkinghead, Skip Bayless, was put in his rightful amateur place by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on ESPN’s own “First Take.”

Cuban, an outspoken entrepreneur, has often critiqued anyone he deems worthy freely and intelligently.  The twittersphere rejoiced upon learning of the utter destruction that had taken place.

Bayless, the Rush Limbaugh of sports talk, has a history of making incendiary and asinine comments bordering on delusion, often with the intent of driving up ratings and interaction/dissent amongst viewers.

The video is below for your viewing pleasure, as well as a couple of my personal favorites quotes from this exchange.

-That is the most ridiculous thing any sports writer has ever said.

-If you were smart you’d have substance.

-This is a Skip Bayless special, Lebron lost last year because he was paying attention to Skip Bayless.

Count this one for Mark Cuban…and the foul!

Blake Griffin vs. Kevin Love: The Jenga Chronicles

One of the most appealing features of reigning Dunk Champion, Blake Griffin, is his on-screen persona.  The quirky playfulness of his aura, despite the roughness of his acting, translates perfectly and has opened many marketing opportunities for the hustling, highlight man of the L.A. Clippers.

His on-screen chops are easily matched and surpassed by his productivity on the court.  Despite impressive performances and an abundance of Sportscenter material, another power forward stands in the way of being named “the best power forward in the NBA”:  Kevin Love.

After shedding a few dozen pounds of baby fat (long overdue in my opinion), Love has transformed himself into a scoring and rebounding machine.  As it stands, his contribution to a young Wolves team has placed him at the top of power forward statistics.

Kevin Love may not be as exciting to watch as Blake Griffin, but his output definitely challenges the L.A. phenom.

What better way to observe these factors at play than by pinning Griffin against Love.  In a game of Jenga.  With a basketball twist.

Check it out.

Dwight Howard Dunks on Giraffe

David Stern, and all the people at the negotiating table, should take note of the experimentation going on right now in world of basketball.

Dwight Howard has now incorporated animals into his lockout show.  During a trip to Japan, Howard enlisted the help of a stuffed giraffe to show off his athletic ability.  Should the Goodman & Drew league get bored of participating in pick-up games, the animal world has been alerted and is on standby ready to pick up the rock.  They got next.

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