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Clippers Dunk Lines – A Pregame Tradition

The L.A. Clippers have developed a reputation for lobs and high-flying dunks.

In what’s become part of their preparation, the Clippers pregame dunk lines allow players to get loose physically and mentally.

What surprised me from the video below was the physical capabilities of Willie Green—a player we normally see as a disciplined and focused shooter and defender. Here we get a glimpse of another side of his game which we don’t often see.

As we all know, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are the most physically gifted athletes on this team, and their dunking abilities easily outshine the rest of the crew. However, instead of pushing teammates away with their gifts, they have instilled encouragement for a part of the game which amplifies in-game excitement.

These warm-up exercises end up translating into on-the-court mentality. Whether it’s Blake Griffin pulverizing anyone who dares get in his path or J.J. Redick throwing one down, dunking is part of who the Clippers have become and a highly enjoyable aspect of why they’re fun to watch.

Video courtesy of Madelyne Burke & the Los Angeles Clippers.

Chris Webber Southern Comfort Karate Parody

Yet another valid argument in favor of Chris Webber being one of the all-time greats.

Not only does he drop NBA knowledge on a weekly basis, now you can study his martial arts technique. The only thing missing from this was the Soul-Glo jingle.

Count it! #andthefoul

Uncle Drew – Chapter 3

Perfectly timed for the start of the NBA season, Pepsi released the latest installment of the Uncle Drew initiative: Chapter 3.

By now, all the young bloods out there should be aware of who #UncleDrew is and the vicious cross-overs he brings to the playground while posing as an old man.

With each progressive chapter, Uncle Drew, played by Kyrie Irving, introduces us to his former teammates—the throwback ballers with ridiculously modern skills.

In chapter 3, Uncle Drew convinces his old point-guard, “Lights” (played by high-flying Nate Robinson, to come out and ball.  Not only does Lights make it worth our while, but his on-screen partner, “Betty Lou” (Maya Moore of the Minnesota Lynx), also puts young bloods to shame.

“It was a very humbling experience, I’m just glad I got the chance to team up with one of the best point guards in the game right now in Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew, Mr. AKA Get Buckets.”

Nate Robinson

For some additional coverage on the making-of, check out ProBasketballTalk‘s recent post about Uncle Drew.

Clippers: Preseason Highlights 2013

If you’re wondering what makes the Clippers so much fun to watch—especially if you refuse to watch them just on principle—make sure you give this compilation of preseason highlights a shot.

This edition of Clips Session is an appetizer-sized serving of wonderful lobs to Blake Griffin, Chris Paul hesitation steps, and newly found defensive athleticism by DeAndre Jordan (“Blocked by DeAndre” could very well become my new favorite phrase for this upcoming season).

Video production credit: @MaxaMillion711. We look forward to many more of these throughout the Clippers 2013-2014 season. Big ups!

Count it, #andthefoul!

Blake Griffin & Dr. Drain Deliver in New Jordan Ad

Blake Griffin‘s new Jordan commercial for the Super.Fly 2s lives up to the ad standards we’ve come to expect from Griffin.

Featuring a character that fancies himself “Dr. Drain,” who happens to resemble Spike Lee’s Mars Blackmon, the ad is effective in providing a throwback feel to what basketball is all about:  the playground, pick-up games, and teammates with pronounced basketball flaws.

The black and white look, the use of an old school song like “I’m Your Puppet,” and a shot of Blake Griffin and Dr. Drain at the ice cream truck further adds to the welcomed summery throwback feeling.

So, without further ado, here’s Dr. Drain making it rain:

Whether you like him or not, you have to appreciate the great ads that result from the brands he represents (and if you follow him on his personal social media channels, you’ll also notice that the ads very much reflect his off-screen, silly persona).  I particularly liked how Rob Mahoney described it over at the Point Forward:

Pairing Blake Griffin’s perfect deadpan with an outwardly goofy character works so well for all involved, and the concept of Griffin’s basketball chemistry with the young chucker is brilliantly simple. Funny, charming and exceptionally well done.

Also: It seems safe to say that Drain leads the park in ‘Kobe Assists.’

Additionally, to mark the launch of the Super.Fly 2, and to capitalize on Blake Griffin’s most recognized skill—throwing it down after a lob— created the “Lift Off With Blake” user interactive page.  Fans can film themselves throwing an alley-oop to Blake using their smartphones and then upload it to for a chance to have it featured on the site.

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