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Steph Curry Celebrates an And-One by Salsa Dancing

After Leandro Barbosa hit an unlikely shot after being fouled, Steph Curry busted out salsa moves to celebrate.

While Curry’s shot may be unfair, his salsa dancing could use some work. There is promise, however, as he does commit to his movements.

If you need some pointers, hit me up, Steph Curry! I got you.

Steph Curry Puts Chris Paul on Skates

Basketball is beautiful because it allows us to see creativity executed in physical forms at the highest level of elite athleticism.

Devastating crossovers are the summation of wit and velocity combined with a beautiful display of control. They make us ooh and aah when we’re not invested in the unfortunate soul getting crossed over, and they make us gasp with appreciation and horror when it happens to one of our own.

Last night, one megastar on the rise, Steph Curry, pulled off a wicked behind-the-back crossover that put another megastar, Chris Paul, on skates.

The result was as impressive as it was humbling, and at the point of losing one’s balance, there is no return, not even for an NBA demigod.

Steph Curry with the shot. #phantomcam #CurryCrossover

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As someone who absolutely loves the art of the sport, I thoroughly marveled at what happened, and hurt deeply for Chris Paul. Steph Curry has become extremely lethal due to his combination of precision shooting and precision dribbling. The fact that he drained the bucket after the crossover completed a beautiful display of basketball at its highest form.

If you search Chris Paul’s name on Twitter, or if you check your Facebook feed today, you’ll probably see the abundance of memes that were immediately created to commemorate a tragic day in Chris Paul’s life. The good news is that Chris Paul owned it and even shared his favorite, after all if anyone can appreciate the beauty that is point guard play, it’s CP3—one of the greatest we’ve ever seen.

Nice move, Chef Curry. I can’t wait for a potential match-up between these two teams that so thoroughly despise each other, and a point-guard match-up for the ages.


Boomshakala! NBA Jam Comes to Life in Rockets Highlight Video

Hoopheads are overflowing with nostalgia, almost anyone that follows the sport knows this.

The Houston Rockets intelligently tapped into this by creating a video of highlights in the style of NBA Jam—the old school arcade game with classic one-liners that have withstood the test of time.

I missed the initial launch of this video piece on Thursday night, when they appropriately tied it into the widely accepted throwback Thursday / unofficial day of nostalgia. When I first launched it, not only was I pleasantly surprised at the video production that integrated elements from the game, I was joyously overtaken by the custom voiceover work that also matched up to the original game.

According to the tweet put out by @HoustonRockets, the video was also played in the arena.

Overall, I thought this was a fantastic execution that brought to life elements of the present and the past in a way that made perfect sense. Well done, Houston Rockets marketing team, thank you for taking me back to the days of he’s heating up and he’s on fire!


Top 10 NBA Plays – November 8

I don’t always agree with the rankings—in fact, I think the number one play in this list belongs at number 10—however, there’s still quality material here.

This edition of the Top 10 Plays is highlighted by Steph Curry crossovers, Luol Deng dishes, and DeAndre Jordan climbing the heavens for another edition of #TheLobTheJam. Enjoy!

Allen Iverson on the Impossibility of Coaching

Besides having all-world capabilities and doing it with flare on the court, Allen Iverson became a hero of mine as a kid because of his relentless commitment to himself and doing things his way.

It’s great to see that one of my favorites shows self-awareness when asked if he would ever consider coaching. Owning his history and the infamous “Practice?” rant, Iverson treats us to a few chuckles and reminds us why he was such a great personality and beloved throughout the NBA.

By the way, has anyone noticed that Allen Iverson doesn’t age? What sorcery is this?

Listen to AI answer the question here (turn on the volume):

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