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Steve Nash Happy To Be Part of the Lakers

While the arrival of Dwight Howard took the cake for biggest off-season move the Lakers made, this is still the most shocking to me:  Steve Nash as a Laker.

Given Nash’s classy disposition, it’s nice to finally see him rewarded with a championship caliber team, albeit the team that so painfully tortured his Suns for so many years.

Steve Nash at the Lakers practice facility.
Steve Nash at the Lakers practice facility.

Dwight Howard to the Lakers, A Picture Compilation

A compilation of photos/images cataloguing the recent addition of Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Blake Griffin: Dominating Rims Since Childhood

Blake Griffin, high-flying ace and architect of the term Lob City, has been dominating rims for much longer than previously thought.

Scientists recently unearthed the image below, showing a baby Blake Griffin forcefully hanging on the rim after a thunderous dunk at an early age.

It looks like the concept of Lob City was born not out of the preconceived imagery of Chris Paul lobbing passes to Blake and Deandre, but rather as a acknowledgement of early childhood activities whereby baby Blake would be lobbed towards the hoop by his older brother for numerous terrorizing throw-downs—which is also where Blake learned how to aerially control his body for maximum dunkage output.

All the parents out there are now on notice:  you want your kid to reign supreme above the rim?  Make sure you start him off early.  Posterize or be posterized.

Word.  And the foul.

2-year old Blake Griffin getting lobbed by older brother Taylor.

(Additional rare images of B-Griff, and original source of photo, found here.)

Update, 4/24/2013:

Since so many people land on this page looking for young Blake Griffin pictures, it only makes sense that I update the post with more photos of Blake’s childhood (Blake, if you’re reading this… other people are the creepers, I’m not trying to stalk your childhood, no matter how cool it was. #jeanshorts).

Posted on 3/28, directly from @blakegriffin32 himself:

Baby Blake Griffin & brother.
Courtesy of grown-up Blake Griffin, @blakegriffin32.

Twitter tried to get clever and then this happened:

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