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Welcome back, Craig Sager!

The man, the myth, the legend, 
Craig Sager, returned to the sideline last night after an 11-month battle with cancer.

Teams, players, fans, and the league all poured out their love for Sager over social media. Sager has made a name for himself by wearing outrageous patterns with clashing colored blazers, and let’s face it, during his absence, those crazy colors and patterns were missed.

Benny the Bull presented Sager with a gift upon his first night back: a Bulls-colored blazer which Craig proudly wore.

ESPN Releases World Cup Posters

Update: All 32 team posters have been released and can be found here.

ESPN has released a series of World Cup posters ahead of the upcoming tournament.

Created by Brazilian artist, Cristiano Siqueira, the posters are visually rich and capture the national emotion and hope for each tournament team.

Not all posters have been released yet, however. It appears ESPN will be releasing them in batches as the World Cup draws nearer.

Check out the existing posters below and let me know which is your favorite thus far, as well as what team you’re looking forward to that hasn’t been released.

Spain – La Furia Roja – Winners of the 2010 World Cup and serious contenders to once again lift the trophy.

Spain World Cup Poster - La Furia Roja

Argentina – La Albiceleste – The iconic Argentinian colors featuring one of the most famous fútbol players in the world, Lionel Messi.

Argentina World Cup Poster - La Albiceleste - ESPN

Portugal – Selecao das Quinas – Featuring world renowned pretty boy, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Portugal World Cup Poster - Cristiano Ronaldo

Here are the rest of the posters, including Belgium, Ivory Coast, Italy and France.

Photo of the Day: LeBron James Performs to Jodeci

It wasn’t long ago that LeBron James and his preoccupation with what others thought of him dominated the NBA landscape.

With two championships under his belt, however, LeBron James no longer takes himself too seriously. This new iteration of LeBron is much more charismatic even while attempting to perform to Jodeci’s “Come Talk to Me.”

The picture below is courtesy of James himself, and he posted it along with a description of the event:

Me performing my solo “Come Talk To Me” by Jodeci with @chrisbosh & @dwyanewade at “Battioke”. What an great event Shane and I wanna say thanks to u and Heidi for allowing myself and @mrs_savannahrj for being apart of it.

Photo of the Day: Derrick Rose Takes it to the Rack

We’ve waited for more than a year for the return of The Raging Bull, Derrick Rose. At last, our thirst has been satiated even if temporarily through preseason action.

This incredible photo from Bill Smith captures strength, athleticism and determination all in one shot. In one still motion we are privy to the strength bestowed upon Derrick Rose, and with it a lasting impression of hope and a temporary forgetfulness that he was ever gone.

Rage on, D. Rose.

SM Photo of the Day: Chris Paul Running The Floor

Starting today, I’m going to start posting my preferred Sports Social Media Photo of the Day as a way to stay committed to at least sharing one item that caught my eye in the sports social media landscape.

Having grown up playing point guard, it’s only natural that this Clippers’ posted photo of Chris Paul at training camp caught my eye.

The angle of this shot is unique in that we don’t often get bird’s eye angles of players in action, and when we do, they’re often not great.

This image, however, captures the freedom and control that comes with running the floor as a point guard. No one else in sight, it’s the subject at hand’s role to move the ball up-court, in control, while keeping an eye on the players ahead.

In this shot we see potential. In this shot, what we don’t see augments the value of what is visible. In this shot, I can relate and I am immediately transported to the multitude of games that I played as a kid.

Even the practice uniforms adds intrinsic value because it’s not an official game. It’s a setting and a situation we could all find ourselves in if we continue to play the game we love. No matter how long I spend away from the court, when I pick up that ball, I’m back in this exact mindset and feeling.

I need a framed copy of this. Count it!

Chris Paul - LA Clippers - Training Camp
Chris Paul – Running The Floor
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