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Kobe Bryant Returns to Germany for Knee Procedure

According to sources, and by sources I really mean the all-knowing Adrian Wojnarowski, Kobe Bryant is headed back to Germany to once again receive a magical knee rejuvenation procedure.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, the common street name for this procedure, is responsible for extending Kobe’s ability to play at a high-level despite having already logged thousands of minutes given his age. German sorcerer—err doctors—will inject Kobe with a magical elixir of plasma that will work its magic as Kobe also heals from his achilles injury.

What’s interesting to me is the hesitancy of Lakers PR to be transparent about what Kobe is doing—they wouldn’t even disclose the location of his trip. What’s up with that? Why are you being shady, Lakers?

Kobe Bryant Posts Running Video

Kobe Bryant, a bionic specimen of human genetics, recently posted a video on Instagram of his progress—you know, just in case you were doubting him in any way whatsoever:

#mambamental #vinoclock

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Like anything Kobe Bryant related, the treadmill isn’t your normal, get-your-exercise-on-joe-schmoe, kind of treadmill, it’s an anti-gravity treadmill (whatever that is).

Bryant, who is recovering from an ACL rupture at record pace, can be strategically seen by anyone at the Lakers practice facility.  Should anyone on the other side dare take a break of any kind, they will have a living, breathing, reminder of what it is not to punk out.

Big ups, Mamba. Keep the F.U. recovery pace up!

Kobe Bryant Shattering Pace of Recovery from Achilles Injury

Kobe Bryant is recovering at an accelerated pace from the torn Achilles injury he suffered last season according to a recent interview while in on tour in China:

The surgical procedure was different […] and because of that the recovery has been different.  The normal timetable for recovery from an Achilles, we’ve shattered that. Three-and-a-half months I can already walk just fine, I’m lifting weights with the Achilles just fine and that’s different. So we don’t know what that timetable is going to be. It’s kind of new territory for us all.
—Kobe Bryant

Did anyone expect any different from Kobe Bryant?  Not only is he a vicious competitor, Kobe apparently has access to secret medical developments that have yet to hit the general market.

It wasn’t long ago that we were witness to the rejuvenation of Bryant via magical knee regeneration techniques available only in Germany.  Now we’re privy to groundbreaking new methods of surgery which have cut down the recovery time by months—at least according to Bryant.

In spite of the ferocious competitive desire to return to the court, Bryant’s availability at the start of the season should be controlled and limited given the innovative nature of his surgery.  No doubt Laker fans will be excited to see him back on the court, but if they wish to see him compete for that sixth ring this late in this career, they better hope the return isn’t premature.

Note:  Kobe Bryant’s ruptured Achilles injury was suffered against the Golden State Warriors on April 12, 2013.



Lakers Hire Kurt Rambis and Johnny Davis as Assistant Coaches

The Los Angeles Lakers and Mitch Kupchak announced today the hiring of former Laker, Kurt Rambis, and Johnny Davis as assistant coaches for the upcoming season.

In a statement released by the team on Monday, head coach Mike D’Antoni expressed the following sentiments regarding the newest additions to his staff:

“Kurt is a great basketball mind, extremely good at working with big men and his experience as a head coach in this league is going to prove very helpful to our staff”

Of Johnny Davis, D’Antoni had the following to say:

“Johnny is a two-time NBA head coach with years of experience playing as well as coaching in this league. The vast array of NBA knowledge he brings to the table will be invaluable to us.”

As is the norm nowadays, Kurt Rambis took to his Twitter account to share his most recent employment by tweeting the following:

The hiring of a former Phil Jackson assistant coach once again brings to the forefront the adequacy of Mike D’Antoni as the right candidate to lead the prestigious franchise.

Coming off one of the most embarrassing and injury-plagued seasons in Lakers history, the Lakers brass (specifically  owner Jim Buss) had been harshly criticized for passing up on the Zen Master and instead opting for D’Antoni.  The latter failed to capitalize on the type of talent that composed the roster during Dwight Howard’s stint as a Laker.

The recent hire could be seen either as move to fill in the holes that D’Antoni’s system creates by refusing to adjust or as the foundation to possibly replace him in the future.  In any event, after having lost Dwight Howard and with even less talent on the roster for 2013-2014, D’Antoni remains on the hot seat.

Lakers Injuries Provide an Opportunity for Goudelock & Morris

With 30 minutes to go until tip-off, Andrew Goudelock & Darius Morris are tasked with the gigantic feat of taking one game from the machine-like Spurs in order to save some dignity for the Lakers.

A bizarre and continuous set of injuries has sidelined starters and bench players alike throughout the season. An Eeyore-like misfortune that has extended itself onto the post-season leaves an ailing Lakers team with even less options: Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Metta World Peace and Kobe Bryant are all out of the line-up.

Thus, it falls on the shoulders of a Goudelock-Morris backcourt to save face for a franchise not accustomed to suffering such a devastating fate.

Goudelock, for his part, had been relegated to the D-League where he was recently given the MVP award for the season. An award that doesn’t necessarily mean as much to him as being in the starting line-up for an NBA team—and in his case, the storied Los Angeles Lakers:

I wouldn’t think I’d be here two weeks ago. Nothing happens the way it’s supposed to happen. This is a great opportunity, going from the D-League a week and a half ago to starting in the playoffs. It shows you the nature of the business.

Check out the rest of the story recently put out by Arash Markazi.

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