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I love the sound of swish and wicked good stories. An extremely precise pass impresses me just as much as a filthy crossover. This game is, and always will be, about buckets. Count it!

Lakers Monopoly: A Gift for Season Ticket Holders

With Kobe Bryant’s superpowers rapidly dwindling, the Mamba’s retirement announcement, Byron Scott’s stubborn refusal to do anything resembling coaching, and a slew of losses that come at the cost of a farewell tour, Lakers fans don’t have much to be happy about this season.

Season ticket holders will receive some respite soon, in the form of a Lakers branded Monopoly set, courtesy of the purple and gold. This old school board game may not make up for the misery they’ve yet to endure, but at the very least it’s a nice collector’s item.

As of now, there is only a photo of the cover available with a peek at some of the squares with classic Lakers personalities taking the place of properties. I’m curious to know which Lakers personality occupies the “Go to Jail” square—Byron Scott, perhaps?

How the Lakers Covered Their Draft Night on Social Media

After two of the worst seasons in recent memory, the excitement around this year’s NBA draft could not be any higher for the Los Angeles Lakers and their fan base.

Knowing they held the second overall pick in the 2015 draft also meant the Lakers’ social and digital teams had the opportunity to prepare for a potentially big moment on Twitter and social media at large and they did not disappoint.

The Lakers are known for having paved the way for a professional brand-building strategy in sports through their social assets and they put them to work once again as they prepared to draft that could potentially land them their newest franchise player.

Phenomenal graphics and clean fonts were employed in the lead-up assets which gave fans that were keeping up through social media an opportunity to join in the build-up excitement.

When the moment finally arrived, the best piece of social content that summarized the selection process actually came from @NBATV instead of the Lakers, however, the team did smartly retweet the Vine.

With the second overall pick, the Lakers selected D’Angelo Russell—a promising point-guard from Ohio State. The announcement tweet included a prepared graphic of Russell in the iconic Lakers gold uniform.  The image also included some key information about Russell, but it blended into the background almost like fine print.

The draft announcement was followed-up with behind-the-scenes content and quotes from General Manager, Mitch Kupchack.

The social team smartly captured the moment Mitch Kupchak called his newest player, as well as the other side of the conversation which no other NBA team had done.

The Lakers also incorporated template designs that made use of quotes and images almost in real-time to round out the on-brand coverage through genuine moments and quotes.

All in all, the Lakers’ preparation resulted in real-time, on-brand coverage of their memorable evening. I’m looking forward to seeing the next phase of their social media designs in the upcoming seasons.

Steph Curry Celebrates an And-One by Salsa Dancing

After Leandro Barbosa hit an unlikely shot after being fouled, Steph Curry busted out salsa moves to celebrate.

While Curry’s shot may be unfair, his salsa dancing could use some work. There is promise, however, as he does commit to his movements.

If you need some pointers, hit me up, Steph Curry! I got you.

Chris Paul Leads Clippers to Victory Over Blazers

The good news about the great ones in basketball is that they have a short-term memory. They’re always living in the today, and looking ahead to new challenges.

Chris Paul rebounded from a night of Twitter ridicule due to a Steph Curry crossover to a night of acclaim on account of 41 points, 17 assists, 5 rebounds, 4 steals, and only one turnover against the Portland Trailblazers.

Having to lead and will a team to victory as Chris Paul often does is compounded by having to guard the some of the top point guards in the league, night in and night out, and yet Paul continues to fill the stat sheets with points and assists and his teammates’ heads with belief.

The effects of the second game of a back-to-back played into a sluggish start by the Clippers, however, which led to Los Angeles being down by as much as 19 points before they made headway in the third and eventually took the lead in the fourth quarter.

An unnecessary shove of Chris Paul by Chris Kaman led to a whole lot of chest puffing, jowling, one Big Baby flopping, and it may have added additional fuel to an already lit fire. This kerfuffle sets us up nicely for the playoffs as these two teams are on a collision course.

“It didn’t hurt, but CP already had it going before that, to be honest. That just brought more energy into the game. When you’re lacking energy, you’re just looking for anything. Little plays like that can help you, or they can do you in, too. You never know how that’s going to go. I was happy how we responded after that.”

Doc Rivers

The Blazers and the Clippers are currently vying for homecourt advantage given that they’re currently 4th and 5th place respectively in the Western Conference standings.

“If we play those guys 1st round, it’ll be a hell of a series.” – @CP3

LeBron James, impressed by Chris Paul’s effective output on the night, gave CP3 a shout-out on Instagram,

Man my brother @cp3 did work last night and I happen to watch the whole game!! Sometimes u just need to remind em, cause they act like they don’t know what’s up. #Work#Fam#StriveForGreatness

Sometimes you just gotta let ’em know, right CP3?

 Clippers v Blazers Video Recap & Highlights

Chris Paul Phantom Cam Highlight


Steph Curry Puts Chris Paul on Skates

Basketball is beautiful because it allows us to see creativity executed in physical forms at the highest level of elite athleticism.

Devastating crossovers are the summation of wit and velocity combined with a beautiful display of control. They make us ooh and aah when we’re not invested in the unfortunate soul getting crossed over, and they make us gasp with appreciation and horror when it happens to one of our own.

Last night, one megastar on the rise, Steph Curry, pulled off a wicked behind-the-back crossover that put another megastar, Chris Paul, on skates.

The result was as impressive as it was humbling, and at the point of losing one’s balance, there is no return, not even for an NBA demigod.

Steph Curry with the shot. #phantomcam #CurryCrossover

A video posted by NBA (@nba) on

As someone who absolutely loves the art of the sport, I thoroughly marveled at what happened, and hurt deeply for Chris Paul. Steph Curry has become extremely lethal due to his combination of precision shooting and precision dribbling. The fact that he drained the bucket after the crossover completed a beautiful display of basketball at its highest form.

If you search Chris Paul’s name on Twitter, or if you check your Facebook feed today, you’ll probably see the abundance of memes that were immediately created to commemorate a tragic day in Chris Paul’s life. The good news is that Chris Paul owned it and even shared his favorite, after all if anyone can appreciate the beauty that is point guard play, it’s CP3—one of the greatest we’ve ever seen.

Nice move, Chef Curry. I can’t wait for a potential match-up between these two teams that so thoroughly despise each other, and a point-guard match-up for the ages.


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