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Adam Silver Drops the Hammer on Donald Sterling

“Effectively immediately, I am banning Mr. Sterling for life.”

– Adam Silver

After a tumultuous weekend of emotions stemming from talons of bigotry, Adam Silver, successor to David Stern as NBA Commissioner, stepped up to the podium and delivered the words we so desperately needed to hear.

Words that hopefully will be followed by actions, but words nonetheless that allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief instead of a gasp of disappointment as we are so accustomed to doing when it comes to matters of social justice.

Being a pessimist by nature, especially when it comes to such sensitive issues that have economic ramifications, I expected Silver to levy a punishment not commensurate with the level of hatred expressed on the tapes released by TMZ, attributed to one Donald Sterling.

Instead, what I heard was something akin to Daenerys Targaryen’s “I will answer injustice with justice.”

Thus begin the healing process for the Clippers players who were unfortunately trapped at the eye of the hurricane, as well as the entire sporting community at large.

The results of the NBA’s investigation into the purported Donald Sterling tapes came back positive in the most reprehensible of ways. Adam Silver called the views “offensive and harmful” and apologized for the remainder of the horrendous commentary stemming from one of the NBA’s own.

As a result of these findings, Sterling was fined the maximum amount of money allowed by the NBA constitution – $2.5 million. Donald Sterling was also barred from participating in any team or league activity, and banned for life from Clippers related activities.

Commissioner Silver will move forward with the nuclear option of removing Sterling as an owner of an NBA franchise – a move that requires at least two-thirds support from the remaining 29 owners and one that Silver expects to be successfully executed.

Complete press conference video:

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