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Date archive for: December 2015

Lakers Monopoly: A Gift for Season Ticket Holders

With Kobe Bryant’s superpowers rapidly dwindling, the Mamba’s retirement announcement, Byron Scott’s stubborn refusal to do anything resembling coaching, and a slew of losses that come at the cost of a farewell tour, Lakers fans don’t have much to be happy about this season.

Season ticket holders will receive some respite soon, in the form of a Lakers branded Monopoly set, courtesy of the purple and gold. This old school board game may not make up for the misery they’ve yet to endure, but at the very least it’s a nice collector’s item.

As of now, there is only a photo of the cover available with a peek at some of the squares with classic Lakers personalities taking the place of properties. I’m curious to know which Lakers personality occupies the “Go to Jail” square—Byron Scott, perhaps?

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