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Date archive for: February 2012

Kobe Bryant, Broken Nose Update

Lakers reporter, Mike Trudell, reports that Kobe Bryant did not practice on Monday.

Bryant will be receiving another MRI, as well as visiting a neurologist as symptoms from his broken nose persist per the recommendation of a nose specialist.

Kobe suffered a broken nose after a hard foul by Dwyane Wade during this year’s All-Star game.  Wade reportedly sent out an apology to Bryant making it known it wasn’t intentional.  The Lakers are scheduled to play the Miami Heat on March 5.  It is unknown, yet, if Kobe will have to miss any games.

Official update from the Lakers here.

Kobe Bryant Broken Nose Update

Michael Jordan: Win From Within

His Airness, Michael Jordan, made an appearance during this year’s All-Star break in the form of a new Gatorade commercial.

Phil Jackson narrates and makes an appearance, while video of the 1997 NBA finals plays on-screen.  Michael Jordan iconically sitting on the bench, towel draped over his head as he willed himself to lead the Bulls to victory versus the Jazz.

He made me a believer.  Not in luck.  Or in fate.  But in the will to win.

You win, from within. – Phil Jackson

With almost nothing but heart and determination, Jordan added to his lore with an incredible performance on the biggest stage of all.

Classic performance by Michael Jordan. – Marv Albert

Classic indeed, Marv.  One for the ages.

Big Ups to Africa, From Luol Deng

League fines be damned, Luol Deng represented more than the city of Chicago in his first All-Star appearance.

He represented an entire continent.

By sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with a silhouette of Africa during pre-game introductions, Deng sent a message of hope to the people of an often forgotten continent.  To Deng this simple action of wearing a t-shirt is worth any fine the league and the Commish may wish to levy upon him.

I wouldn’t do something that’s negative.  I wouldn’t do that at all. If you look at the T-shirt, it’s not of anything. I’m not advertising anything. I just felt like being where I’m from and where I came from, it’s something that I always wanted to see as a kid. Now that I’m I here I had a chance (to do that). I’m sure there’s a kid out there, or a lot of kids, who really enjoyed it and made them happy to see that. – LuolDeng

Luol Deng Promotes Africa During All-Star Introductions
Standing tall and proud, Luol Deng let it be known where he's from during the All-Star Introductions.

Luol Deng, for those who are not aware, was born in the Sudan.  His family was eventually granted political asylum in South Brixton, Englad where his basketball accomplishments began to flourish.

Being able to acknowledge his mother land is an admirable act of humility.  Humility that goes beyond the scope of headlines in today’s sports media machine.  It’s ultimately an unselfish act of inspiration and hope for kids who may not have much in a continent that is fraught instability.

Big ups to Loul Deng for taking action for those that don’t have the luxury of the spotlight.

Kobe Bryant Suffers Fractured Nose at All-Star Game

For all the hype and buzz the NBA all-star game tries to create, it usually fades away as rapidly as it comes.  No significant story-lines are created, nor are existing ones reinforced or heightened.

Take the impending departure of Dwight Howard to the New Jersey Nets.  He was given the opportunity to play with Deron Williams this weekend and not much was made of it.

The overriding story for this year’s game was Kobe Bryant breaking Michael Jordan‘s all-star leading scoring record, which he ended up doing after scoring 27 points in the night.  In the process of doing so, however, he also broke another thing:  his nose.

Kobe took a hard foul from Dwyane Wade with eight minutes to go in the third quarter.  The hit caused a bloody nose which was later upgraded to a nasal fracture.

“Yeah, I obviously didn’t try to draw no blood, but I took a foul, Kobe fouled me two times in a row, so he’s still got one up on me. But I’m glad that everything was cool and we got back to being competitive and having fun. – Dwyane Wade

Kobe and the Lakers will face Wade and the Heat on March fifth.  Kobe’s not one to let things slide very easily, it will be interesting to see how the Black Mamba avenges an unintentional broken nose.

Derrick Rose Injury Update: MRI Reveals No Structural Damage

The city of Chicago exhaled a deep sigh of relief after Bulls’ GM, Gar Forman, informed the world at large that an MRI conducted on Derrick Rose had shown no signs of structural damage.

“Derrick saw a specialist this morning, and it reconfirmed what we had thought previously and what the MRI had shown in that there is nothing structurally wrong with his back. It’s muscular.” – Gar Forman

The reigning MVP had sat out during Chicago’s most recent face-off with the Boston Celtics that resulted in a loss, as well as a win over the Charlotte Bobcats due to back spasms.

Rose sought out a back specialist due largely in part to increased pain.

“The first time I remember [the back problems] happening were in high school.  But college I didn’t have it. First couple of years [in the NBA] I didn’t have it. All of a sudden it just happened now. Hopefully, [Monday] I’ll meet with some people and try to figure something out.” – Derrick Rose

Rose is still listed as day-to-day.  The Bulls face the Sacramento Kings on Valentine’s day (February 14) before hosting the Boston Celtics at home on Thursday, February 16.

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