Blake Griffin: Leveling Up

In the ongoing discussion focused around Blake Griffin and just how good he may or may not be, I present exhibit “A” (originally a gif, but it was taking too long to load so just click play; you won’t regret it): Besides LeBron James, what other big guy comes even remotely close to being able

Clippers Dunk Lines – A Pregame Tradition

The L.A. Clippers have developed a reputation for lobs and high-flying dunks. In what’s become part of their preparation, the Clippers pregame dunk lines allow players to get loose physically and mentally. What surprised me from the video below was the physical capabilities of Willie Green—a player we normally see as a disciplined and focused

Photo of the Day: LeBron James Performs to Jodeci

It wasn’t long ago that LeBron James and his preoccupation with what others thought of him dominated the NBA landscape. With two championships under his belt, however, LeBron James no longer takes himself too seriously. This new iteration of LeBron is much more charismatic even while attempting to perform to Jodeci’s “Come Talk to Me.”

Another Heartbreaking Loss for the 49ers

By now, there are probably thousands of articles about the 49ers loss to the Seattle Seahawks in yesterday’s NFC Championship game. I think of the many stories floating out there, this quick snippet from Peter King is the one that will stick with me until next season: One more note from the NFC: Second straight

The Power of A Soccer Ball: The One World Futbol Project

To use the idea of sport to resolve conflicts, teach tolerance and equality, and help kids recover from trauma. — Tim Jahnigen Every once in a while, if we’re lucky, we run into partnerships that speak to us and some of our deepest passions. This morning I ran into a Mashable article about a seemingly indestructible